About Us

Dear Customer,

My name is Robert Ortiz, owner and operator of BreedCichlids.com, a fully licensed business in Clark County, Nevada. I have been in the African Cichlid hobby for over 25 years. I am a senior at UNLV, finishing my Bachelor's in cellular and molecular biology. When asked by professors and fellow students what I plan to do after graduation, I reply, "I'm going to run a fish business!", which they find very amusing.

I take this business and my commitment to my customers very seriously. Over the past 2 years, I spent countless hours searching for a place to buy unique and quality genetic strains of african cichlid fish from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika to add to my aquariums. I was unable to find the exotic quality cichlids I was searching for at my local fish stores. I wanted something better. Next I tried buying fish online, but was disappointed by the service and use of misleading stock photos. So I joined aquatic fish clubs and built relationships with breeders and direct importers from Nevada, California, and Arizona, and started breeding my own. 

My commitment to you is to stand behind our live arrival guarantee. I've created a system to control temperature and put together a special mixture of additives to protect fish slime coats, reduce water pollution, and control respiration while in transit to ensure a live healthy arrival at your doorstep.  

The pictures of the fish on this website are of the actual fish for sale photographed from our own tanks. They are an accurate representation of what you will receive. Your satisfaction is our goal. Trust me, you will see the BreedCichlids.com difference!

Thank you for your Business,
Robert Ortiz